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A: QicSEND® is a secure payment system that enables users to instantly send money from Canada overseas, offering significant time and cost savings compared to traditional money transfer operators. QicSEND® is supported by most web browsers and works with any mobile smartphone and mobile operator.

A: QicSEND® is easy. Whether from the comfort of your home computer or the convenience of your mobile phone, QicSEND® allows users to send money safely anytime, anywhere.

QicSEND® is affordable. Unlike other costly money transfer services, QicSEND®’s low fixed-rate fees mean users can cost effectively send small amounts of money often.

QicSEND® is fast. All transactions are completed in real-time and the funds are available within the same day.

QicSEND® is secure. With enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features, QicSEND® protects today's electronic consumer.

QicSEND® is transparent. Senders approve the total cost of the transaction before its finalization. In other words, there are no additional hidden service fees for sender or recipient.

A: QicSEND® uses enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features to protect its users. When you open a QicSEND® Account, you choose a unique password and PIN to be used to confirm your transactions. This information should be kept securely. You can change your password and PIN at any time. If you lose or forget your password or PIN, call customer service at anytime to suspend your account.

The QicSEND® platform uses highly developed technology to guard against illegitimate intrusions, protect against threats and control access to the service and its networks. All your data is kept safe and secure.

A: Your QicSEND® Account can be set up online at the QicSEND® website or using the available iPhone app (with others to follow soon). Simply enter your account details and activate your account using your mobile phone or other online connection.

Account Sign up services will also soon be available at our Approved Partner locations.

A: Signing up for a QicSEND® Account is free. We charge a fixed rate fee starting as low as $2.99 CAD with no additional service charges, plus very competitive exchange rates. And the fee is reduced to only $1.99 during the QicSEND® launch period.

Consult your registration documents for transaction pricing details. Fees are subject to change

A: You can use QicSEND® with any mobile device that can access the Internet (i.e. with any smartphone). There is also a QicSEND® Apple iOS app for iPhones & iPads available for free from the iTunes store, with apps for other mobile phone types to follow soon.

A: Sending money through QicSEND® is just like performing any web-based transaction. Any mobile service provider fees that may apply will depend on your data package and account coverage. Consult with your mobile carrier for additional details.

A: Yes. You need to set up a QicSEND® Account before you can send. The process of opening an account with us is quick, simple and totally secure – just go to www.qicsend.com.

For our launch we are offering direct debit of bank accounts using the secure INTERAC® Online system offered by Canadian banks. With INTERAC® Online you can safely charge transfers to your account at TD, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank.

We will shortly be offering other payment methods and from other financial institutions. If you sign up today we will keep you updated as these new services become available.

With the low fees and competitive exchange rates we offer QicSEND® is ideal for sending small amounts of money home – often.

For anti money laundering and risk controls we have set the maximum amount of a single transfer is no more than $999 CAD, and you can send up to $2,500 in total each month

We will be releasing apps similar to the QicSEND® iPhone app for other types of mobile phones on a regular basis. If you sign up today we will keep you updated as these new apps become available.

Today we offer electronic deposits into most bank accounts, cash pick-up at bank branches and retail locations plus courier delivery.

We will soon be adding direct credit to Globe, Gcash and SMART accounts. If you sign up today we will keep you updated when these new ways to deliver money to are available.

Today we offer instant electronic deposits to a large number of Indian bank accounts.

This is offered with any bank that is Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) enabled, and the list of these banks is continually growing.

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