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QicSEND® Launches Instant Money Transfer into India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines

TORONTO, ONTARIO (December 7, 2017)QicSEND®, a Toronto based global money transfer and payment platform, announced the launch of its instant and guaranteed money transfer service to India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines today. The launch unlocks an additional $6 billion remittance market for the company. With this expansion QicSEND® customers can send instant money transfers to family and friends to more than 30 countries worldwide – anytime and anywhere online.

“We are very excited to launch globally and bring our industry leading, instant transfers to India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines,” said Hari Nesathurai, Founder and CEO of Mercury Mercantile Technologies, owners and operators of the QicSEND® brand. “QicSEND’s customer-focused, digital platform offers a faster, easier, risk-free experience with better foreign exchange rates. This expansion will enable more hard-working migrant workers to send money home to their families abroad.”

QicSEND® is one of the few fully operational, compliant and licensed platforms in the world enabling zero risk, zero fraud instant transfers. Its innovative technology enables customers to sign up for and send money transfers instantly from web or mobile apps. QicSEND® also offers a full array of pay-out options from cash pick up and delivery to bank and mobile account transfers, accommodating even under/unbanked areas.

QicSEND® is currently available in Canada as a sending market with plans for additional key transfer originating countries to be added in the near future. The brand sends to 30+ countries today and is positioned as the alternative to banks and Swift for global payments and transfers.

About QicSEND®

QicSEND® is an online international money transfer service, offering safe, secure and affordable online remittance solutions. The platform’s leading edge offerings are a fraction of the cost of traditional money transfers, making it easy and inexpensive to send money abroad often.

The global remittance industry is highly regulated, fragmented and fraught with inefficiency. Existing money transfers are typically slow, inconvenient and often have hidden fees. The QicSEND® solution is simple: Low cost, fast and easy money transfers powered by a proprietary, risk-free and highly scalable platform.

The QicSEND® brand is owned and operated by Mercury Mercantile Technologies Inc. For more information, visit us at www.QicSEND.com.


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