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Building Financial Products for Immigrants

At QicSEND, we do more than just facilitate remittances. We're building a community-driven ecosystem tailored to the needs of the immigrant diaspora in Canada. Our services are designed to nurture connections with family back home while also supporting the unique challenges faced by immigrants and international students. From personalized rewards and value-driven promotions to upcoming resources for academic adaptation, financial literacy, and legal support, QicSEND aims to be a beacon for those seeking to build a new life in Canada. Join us in empowering the dreamers, the doers, and the future leaders contributing to our diverse and vibrant society.

Innovation Through Fintech

QicSEND boasts a sophisticated technology stack, and features advanced security protocols to ensure safe and rapid transactions. Our platform is a testament to our commitment to quality and service, offering a multi-layered, secure, and robust experience. With compliance as our cornerstone, we operate under strict adherence to FINTRAC in Canada regulations, and those of foreign institutions like the Reserve Bank of India . This dedication to compliance not only enhances trust and confidence amongst our partners and customers but also opens doors to accelerated market entry and reduced operational risks.

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Operating Team: United in Diversity and Expertise

QicSEND’s operating team is grounded in substantial financial industry experience and technological acumen, comprising seasoned professionals who are themselves immigrants. With a collective expertise that spans several decades, our members bring invaluable insights into financial operations, compliance, and cutting-edge fintech solutions. This deep understanding is channeled into creating a reliable and efficient remittance service tailored for the needs of our customers. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we continuously refine our platform to ensure secure, seamless transactions. Customers, partners, and investors trust our operational excellence and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service and regulatory adherence.

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